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IXUP, Secure Your Data Analytics


Unique analytics environment for performing computations directly on multiple encrypted datasets.

Organisations have lots of valuable data used to gain business insights. Organisations now understand the benefits of leveraging this data to achieve a competitive advantage. Yet, there is a limit to the value of any insight resulting from only one organisation's isolated data.

The true value of data is revealed when insights are gained through a collaborative approach where organisations and partners choose to connect their data sources. Insights from such enriched data provide these organisations and partners with the ability to make better and more informed decisions that are simply not possible in isolation.

Traditionally to gain such enriched data, organisations must give up control of their data or hand it over to a third party. These organisations then face the problems of data leaving the organisation, losing their data, data being misused, no longer knowing how secure the data is and who now has access to that data. Regulatory obligations and privacy concerns on what data can be used make this approach risky, expensive, slow and restrictive, while the anonymisation of data limits the ability to gain personalised insights.

IXUP is a safe and trusted way to enriched data through a collaborative approach without third party involvement or worrying about the security or destination of your organisation’s data.

IXUP offers an analytics environment, operating entirely within the Microsoft Azure cloud, with a unique governance control protocol that enables data from multiple sources to be connected without ever being decrypted.

IXUP provides an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface to work on data modelling and computations over encrypted data (including AES 256 and homomorphic MS Seal). IXUP’s smart matching technology (exact, probabilistic and geo) then identifies matches in the encrypted data to expose secure insights.

IXUP’s product also offers direct connectivity to all major data warehouses (Azure Data Warehouse, Snowflake, RedShift, BigQuery) and business intelligence tools (including Power BI and Tableau) to work/report on the results of any computation, as permissioned by the Data Owners.

IXUP’s unique approach solves the problems associated with the traditional techniques because Data Owners always remain in complete control of their data sets as well as the computational results and all inputs and outputs of each computation. Data Owners do not have to share data and can perform computations directly on encrypted data, unlike traditional techniques requiring decryption before any data manipulation can be done.