Delivering LoRa® based hardware, software, and expertise to speed up innovation and time to market.

MachineQ™ is a Comcast company focused on IoT in the global B2B market. We deliver best-in-class IoT management platform that enables your business to manage your own private IoT networks, with any LoRa® based device or application. Our platform includes a fully integrated and secure wireless gateway and enterprise-grade management software built to help you manage thousands of gateways and millions of devices, anywhere.

Hardware - Designed for Ease. Built to Scale.
Our gateways are designed and built to meet the rigorous needs of our customers and markets. Engineered by LoRa® experts our gateways are built by MachineQ to deliver an exceptional experience with the highest reliability and security.

Software - MQcentral
Our cloud-based, fully integrated gateway, and device management software platform, enabling users to provision devices and gateways on the MachineQ IoT management platform, run diagnostics, manage users, and set custom notifications.

Solution Ecosystem
We also offer a broad range of curated IoT solutions from our global partner ecosystem. These B2B solutions are built-on MachineQ and include solutions for nearly every market including; retail, smart cities, property management, hospitality, stadiums and venues, sustainability, restaurants, agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing.

If your business would like to learn more about MachineQ, our enterprise-grade hardware and software for private IoT networks, and our expanding solution partner ecosystem, visit us at

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