Time Management System


Helping organisations improve productivity and boost operational efficiency

Make every second count with a user-friendly time and attendance solution that will help your organisation to accurately and efficiently manage people’s time, improve productivity, and more.

With our software you can actively take charge of the countless elements that can affect productivity. It’ll help you tackle time and attendance head on through the automation of attendance processes and highlight areas where processes need to change.
Our software accommodates the way that your organisation works, delivering flexibility across working patterns, flexitime and shift work, multiple sites and pay centres, while still maintaining working regulations. It’s able to integrate with most existing payroll software, too, so you can trust that you’re paying your workforce accurately and reduce human error from manual input.

Mitrefinch time and attendance software:

  •  Helps eliminate buddy clocking and time fraud
  •  Lets employees self-serve
  •  Helps automate processes such as reporting, clocking etc
  •  Can track time spent on specific jobs
  •  Employees can clock on and off with ease even if they're working remotely
  •  Integrates with existing payroll and HR software
  •  Improves absence management and planning
  •  Has a dedicated Support team available to help with product-related issues and queries

Mitrefinch have been transforming productivity and profitability at organisations across the globe for over 40 years – meaning we’ve had a lot of time to develop and perfect intelligent, cutting-edge solutions in workforce management. Right now, our solutions are trusted and used by over 7,500 organisations worldwide.

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