Journey to the Cloud

NEC Australia

Migration to Cloud with confidence via expert assessment governance people and processes from NEC

For organisations wanting to migrate workloads into the Microsoft Cloud such as with Azure but unsure where to start, or are concerned about the various business risks associated with the transition. NEC’s Journey to the Cloud is an approach that is based on our understanding that the journey is not just about the technology. Our approach incorporates a deep understanding of the current operating model from a” top-down” and “bottom-up” approach so that effective change can be identified and implemented. It includes a proper assessment of technology, controls, services, governance, people and processes that may be affected by migrating workloads to Azure. NEC’s Journey to the Cloud is conducted across four key stages to help you understand and determine your current state, Cloud requirements and how to get your workloads into the Microsoft Cloud. Our assessments can be tailored to meet your priorities and scope to include the whole organisation or specific departments or teams.
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