minarai CS chat

Nextremer Co., Ltd.

FAQ Chatbot system

minarai CS chat is an AI chat bot with a dialog engine, advanced natural language processing functions. Our product suits best for support tasks, such as contact center, in-house help desk, and E-commerce services, accelerating customer satisfaction with your business.


  1. Automated response system with an AI chat bot
    · Responds at any time 24/7
    · Promotes casual communication with customers
    · Answers simple questions
    · Reduces workload and improves efficiency
  2. Switch from an AI bot to an operator
    · Inquiries that cannot be handled by an AI chat bot will be switched over to an operator
    · Problems will be solved in real time via chat
    · Incidents will be systematically resolved
  3. Data collection grabbing business insight
    · Provides dialog logs, and inquiry content for use in customer management
    · Improves customer satisfaction and conversion rates by data analysis

Documents and screenshots are provided only in Japanese.

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