OpenText EnCase™ Forensic


Collect and analyze digital evidence for IT, HR, Compliance and Law Enforcement investigations

Digital evidence is everywhere – and that digital evidence is often the subject of investigations for the purposes of IT, legal, compliance, HR and law enforcement.  As organizations shift operations to the cloud, this digital evidence often originates from or involves cloud sources, like Microsoft Azure.  Investigative teams require compatibility and access to cloud sources in order to comprehensively investigate and reach accurate conclusions to their examinations. 

OpenText EnCase™ Forensic is the gold standard identifying, collecting, and analyzing digital data necessary for investigations that involve physical access to the target device.  Comprehensively acquire from the widest range of devices and cloud sources to support IT and law enforcement investigations.  Accurately and defensibly investigate target information in Microsoft Azure and boost investigation power with cloud processing.  Increase collaboration between investigative groups and streamline resolution. 
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