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Advanced routing optimization software solutions using applied mathematics

ORTEC is one of the largest providers of advanced planning and optimization solutions and services. Our products and services fully optimize fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting, logistics network planning, and warehouse control. We offer stand-alone, custom-made and embedded solutions that are supported by strategic partnerships. More than 1000 employees support more than 2000 customers worldwide from offices in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia Pacific.

ORTEC’s Routing Suite– a cloud-based advanced optimization solution suite consisting of multiple products/modules- brings best-in-class routing optimization software algorithms in mainly Retail & Wholesale, Transportation & Storage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional and Technical Services (P&TS), Travel and Oil & Gas (Energy) industries. ORTEC’s Routing Suite can be seamlessly integrated by independent software vendors (ISV) in their own supply chain business software and with 3rd parties. The software can be ordered for use in different subscriptions depending on the usage scenario.

ORTEC's Routing Suite consists of the following products/modules:

  • ORTEC Tactical Routing (OTR) - Territory and delivery day optimization including individual route sequencing and the creation of trips while optimizing the utilization of resources.
  • ORTEC Routing & Dispatch (ORD) - Route planning and optimization with a primary focus on real-time route planning and dispatching in a multi-user environment
  • ORTEC Inventory Routing (OIR) - An advanced solution for demand forecasting, order generation, and route planning and execution.
  • ORTEC Load Building (OLB) - Carton, pallet and load space optimization, plus order picking.
  • ORTEC Service Planning (OSP) - Route planning and optimization for field services.
  • Big Data Portal - Gain the Insights to Outperform with Analytics as a Service
  • Delivery Driver App - Provide drivers with on-the-go access to information and allow them to capture the proof of delivery and get real-time insight into their activities.

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