PeopleSense.® - Easy People Counting.

par PiP IoT Limited

Easily monitor foot and vehicle traffic counts in near realtime at your indoor or outdoor locations.

Remotely monitor pedestrian, cycle or slow-moving vehicle traffic at your locations, or detect movements in or around your facilities or assets, whether indoors or outdoors.

Retailers, service providers, councils or facilities managers can use the data to better understand utilisation levels over time, optimise servicing intervals, and improve customer experiences. Movement alerts can be set up to immediately flag potential security breaches or to indicate traffic arrivals and/or departures.

Easy to mount in minutes on a suitable flat surface, the compact, ultra-rugged PeopleSense.® devices can be pointed across doorways, entrances, exits, passage ways, tracks or pathways to detect and count traffic passing within 2 meters. The battery-powered units are fully self-contained with no external wiring and can last up to 2 years. Simply activate your device with the included magnet and start collecting your data straight away.

Traffic data is available through an online visualisation dashboard which which can be accessed from a phone, tablet or computer.

Devices connect to the global Sigfox IoT wireless network nearly anywhere in the world (supported Sigfox zones include RC1, RC2 & RC4).

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