Portiva Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment


Are you doing enough to protect your cloud environment?

This application is only available in Dutch.

You use Microsoft 365 within your organization to be productive from anywhere at anytime. But do you ever wonder whether you are doing enough to protect your cloud environment? With the Portiva Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment we provide insight into how you can improve the security of your organization, Our approach is the first step in a mature security posture based on our three pillars technology, people and process.

We identity risks and classify them based on impact and likelihood. These risks are based on your own organization and provide specific insight in your business challenges based on rules and legislation relevant for your sector. With the newly gained insight we propose a mitigation strategy with a quick win, short term and long term roadmap. Ready to start your journey to a mature security organization and go from facing challenges ad-hoc to reactive to prepared and finally pro-active? Give us a call we are happy to help.

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