e-Commerce for Retail

par PwC

Enabling small business retailers to launch e-commerce and contactless pickup

Our cloud for Retail e-commerce for Retailers solution makes it easy for grocery chains, restaurants and convenience stores to launch online and mobile storefronts, process orders and enable a 100% safe and contactless curbside pickup experience. You can be up and running in a matter of days, hosted securely on Microsoft cloud. The solution leverages the power of Microsoft’s Power Platform and Dynamics 365 to deliver a rich consumer experience custom built for grocery chains, restaurants and convenience stores.

The solution optimizes order management and fulfilment and leverages automated processes to improve the customer experience.

The benefits of contactless curbside pickup capabilities go beyond your customers:

  • Picker: Batch picking; reduced travel via sorted picks; reduced paperwork; social distancing
  • Curbside Supervisor: Streamlined order intake, processing, payments and curbside pickup; reduced paperwork; proactive exception handling; social distancing
  • Store Manager: Exception handling, oversight, improve customer and employee experience. Drill down pie-charts to manage order lifecycle.

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