PAFnow Process Mining

Process Analytics Factory GmbH

PAFnow Process Mining - Visualize, analyze and directly improve business processes.

PAFnow is a state-of-the-art Process Mining software, embedded into Microsoft Power BI. Process Mining automatically learns how your business process works and detects any hidden deviation. With PAFnow, pinpoint processes with 100 % accuracy to drive corrective and preventive actions. 


Imagine, investing decades of time and money in business applications that now holds tremendous process knowledge and competitive advantage for your company. What if you had the power to unlock process knowledge from data to use it, now? Find out what it´s really hindering your top-level performance. 


PAFnow allows you to solve large-scale operational business problems by turning data into insights, actions and automation. PAF eliminates the need for hundreds of consulting hours and illuminates your process in just 1 hour. We help increase productivity, speed up throughput and directly eliminate waste in end-to-end processes. 


  • Fact-based insights: PAFnow delivers a 360 degree view of your operations. 
  • Complete picture: PAFnow allow you to visually discover processes from multiple perspectives
  • Fast insights: PAF eliminates the need for hundreds of consulting hours and illuminates your process in 1 hour.
  • Ready-to-use: PAFnow delivers prebuilt automated Process Analysis dashboards.
  • Embedded in Power BI and seamless integrated in the Power Platform and in Office 365. 

Enhance your current reporting infrastructure with process mining and directly utilize Microsoft components such as SharePoint/Teams for collaboration, Jira/Asana for project management, Visio for process design, Quick Insights/Q&A for AI, Power Automate for workflow automation and RPA and many more.

Process knowledge is power. Use it, now.

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