PAFnow by the Process Analytics Factory, LLC

Process Analytics Factory GmbH

PAFnow by the Process Analytics Factory ,LLC is for Process Mining in Power BI

Process Mining transforms business process improvement from a once-in-a-while project into a daily routine of business operations. 

At PAF, we made it our mission to globalize and democratize Process Mining, including our results from research and innovation projects. Check out the preview of some of our report pages to see how easy it is. 

With PAFnow users can: 
  • Explore process variants, identify bottlenecks, discover root-causes, and much more.  
  • Dive deep into data with complete cross-filtering and color highlights.  
  • Access advanced features such as a min-imap, variant indicator and filter preview.  
  • Calculate process duration using the End-Timestamp.  
  • Group process flows and use many layout options.  
  • Use Conformance Check and Breadcrumb features  
  • Monitor KPIs and the success of improvement strategies 
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