Seerene Platform for Code and People Management

Seerene GmbH

Seerene Code and People Management

Seerene helps application managers and engineering leaders monitor their software portfolio to ensure that development teams are as productive as possible.

Seerene provides data-driven software engineering: based on software repository mining and analyzing other development data sources, reveal the ground-truth about what’s going on in your software development organization. Define dashboards and reports, observe your software development performance at a single glance and see where your attention is needed.
Select different metrics and time-buckets to view the balance between effort and resources, knowledge monopoly and complexity, identify issues and understand the reason for delays.

Seerene’s analytics fuses data from the various data sources present in your development organization and translates that data into actionable KPIs that reflect business challenges being faced by your organization. Seerene’s analytics hold an exceptional power for how their synthesis of data sources reveals the big picture in a way that a single data source cannot.
Take the example of source code, where examining the code alone cannot instruct on whether it has been structured well or in a risky fashion; on the other hand, Seerene’s analytics account for changes, requirements, issues, tasks, test runs, defect reports, and runtime data to offer a fully holistic judgement.
Hit targets for quality, identify opportunities for maximizing efficiency and assess whether third-party providers are delivering their expected value.

Note that the source code never leaves your company: Seerene performs its analysis on the meta data computed by the local analysis engine. Access Seerene’s findings through visual, interactive representations, which arrive in the form of dashboards, summaries and software maps.

3D Software Maps show give you actionable insights so you can easily see which code units need your attention.