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Situm Indoor Positioning IPS Platform

Situm Indoor Positioning

A cloud platform to develop and manage wayfinding and tracking solutions for indoors.

Situm IPS is a platform developed from Situm’s indoor positioning technology for smartphones, which integrates and merges, using an algorithm, the preexisting information in the environment (magnetic fields, Bluetooth, WIFI) with recognition by the inertial sensors of smartphones (magnetometer, Gyroscope or accelerometer among others). The obtained positioning can be less than 3 meters without the need of additional hardware to the smartphone.

Situm Indoor Positioning Service is a cloud platform consisting of the following components: Situm RTLS, Situm Dashboard, Situm SDKs and Situm REST API.

Situm RTLS (Real-time Location System).

Location engine and Situm's core technology, featured by:

  1. Real-time positioning with high precision and automatic floor detection.
  2. In-phone computing: optimized for computing on the smartphone itself, without requiring continuous connectivity.
  3. Step-by-step navigation to the destination / interest point, with special routes for people with reduced mobility and guide recalculation due to deviations on the route
  4. High quality positioning both with the smartphone in your hand and in your pocket.

Situm Dashboard

Integrated multipurpose management web panel, which includes:

  1. Map Manager: Allows you to create new buildings and manage your plans.
  2. POIs Manager: To create points of interest indoors and outdoors, easily associable with information such as name, description and other multimedia information.
  3. Paths Manager: Design of navigation routes with multiple options and configurations.
  4. Geofence Manager: It allows you to configure circular areas (geofences) and detect when the user enters or leaves them to perform various actions (assign tasks geopositioning, launch notifications, commercial promotions, etc.).
  5. Analytics: Allows the exploitation of analytics on the data of the users' geolocation, such as visitor counts or heat maps of geolocations.
  6. Real Time: Allows visualization in real time of the location of multiple users.

Situm SDKs

Development kits that allow Situm's indoor location service to be integrated with third-party applications and even create new apps from scratch (available for Android, iOS and Cordova).


Set of REST APIs that can be used to programmatically retrieve Situm IPS information, such as cartography information, real-time user locations and historical user locations. With Situm REST API you can easily and efficiently integrate Situm IPS with third-party systems, such as Business Analytics systems or Geographic Information Systems