Corporate Social Responsibility Ecommerce Plugin

par Sparo Corporation

Sparo provides a patented corporate social responsibility program integrated with the shopping cart.

Lead in democratizing philanthropy. Sparo leverages corporate social responsibility (CSR) into higher online sales and customer loyalty by marrying ecommerce and charity at the checkout page.

Today’s young customer is quick to love — and cancel — a brand based on its social actions.

The challenge:
Some 85% of consumers want to spend their money on brands that support causes they care about (Cone study, 2020). 
But every shopper has different concerns. How can a company tap into a market and retain it? How does a brand stand out as ethical to everyone?

The opportunity:
Save a child, plant a forest, feed the hungry - build a bond with your customers for life.
Let your shoppers choose their cause using the patented Sparo CSR plugin.
  • The Sparo plugin seamlessly integrates into all e-commerce platforms. No customer download or sign in required.
  • At checkout, before clicking “purchase,” the shopper can designate a charity from hundreds of pre-vetted options to receive the merchant's donation (a percentage of the sale or flat amount).
  • Sparo handles all the logistics from start to finish, for a minimal transaction fee drawn from the donation. There is no cost to you, the merchant, other than the donation itself.
  • 100% of the donation is a tax-deducible charitable donation or business expense for the merchant.
Sparo is your CSR partner.

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