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StealthTalk - Probably The First 100% Private Blockchain Messenger For Business

If you want your confidential messages and calls to be protected by the same technology the military, emergency response services, and state agencies use to secure their communication during mission-critical operations, then you should try StealthTalk today. Here is why:
StealthTalk is a digital soundproof conference room designed to provide truly private space to discuss contracts, talk taxes, hold confidential business meetings and say whatever you want without the concern of it being intercepted and used against you when you least expect it.
The technology used in StealthTalk was used to ensure the security of the military and emergency response services telecommunications in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Professional Security Without Gimmicks

StealthTalk is not just another consumer-oriented messenger with aspirations of being secure.
Its highest priority is to safeguard business-enabling operations that require 100% privacy of calls and messages.
You won't find stickers, groups or news channels here. StealthTalk is designed to provide you only with the essentials: messages, photos, and conference calls.
StealthTalk has no interest in being the instant-messaging flavor of the week. It is here to keep your sensitive communications secure—nothing more, nothing less.
StealthTalk is made to meet the needs of professionals and their businesses, where the cost of compromise can mean 7-figure losses, humiliation, jail time, or worse.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use StealthTalk Today

Save Time And Money, Reduce Risks
With StealthTalk, you no longer need to resort to meeting in person to discuss sensitive topics. Forget about taking meetings in the middle of nowhere, without cellular coverage or another soul in sight. No more risks of speaking in intentionally vague language over unsecure cellular networks.
Stealth Technology Used By Military
StealthTalk runs on patented Stealth Protocol, initially built to meet the needs of the military, and later repurposed for business use.
Blockchain Guards Your Privacy
Blockchain technology is incorporated to halt wiretapping and prevent surveillance-enabling ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks.
Stay Under The Radar
StealthTalk data packets cannot be distinguished from any other Internet traffic on your device. Stealth Protocol makes it impossible to intercept, block or eavesdrop on your messages and calls.
Comply With Privacy Laws
StealthTalk is regulatory compliance-ready.
You can use StealthTalk to discuss a sensitive subject and exchange confidential information with your clients, and partners knowing that your information remains secure and private.

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