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A modern training product, designed to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and EDUCATE on new digital ways of working.

Description of the Offer

Actively strengthen digital competence and drive effective usage of Microsoft 365. Storyals Pro comes with the award-winning learning management system LMS365. With Storyals Pro, you can assign courses to specific employees or teams, you can set deadlines and reminders, and follow up on learning progress.

Employees get a personalized dashboard with assigned courses and can access the learning from anywhere – via SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or their mobile. Easily manage and follow-up on learning progress with powerful reporting tools. With Storyals Pro, the functionality of LMS365 is limited to manage only the training courses from Storyals.

Key Features

Anywhere access via LMS365

Access the training courses from anywhere and on-demand via the award-winning learning management system LMS365. Employees get a personalized dashboard to easily track what courses they have completed, and what is assigned to them. Users can also access the courses from any device using the LMS365 app.

On-demand & in the flow of work

Access the training courses from anywhere and on-demand - when the need arises and the time is right. This creates a learning culture in your organization and encourages employees to learn in the flow of work.

Continuously updated & always relevant

With constant updates from Microsoft and the way modern work rapidly evolves, making sure training is up to date is key. Storyals training courses are continuously updated and always kept relevant with the help of our field-leading Productivity Experts.

Storytelling to enhance learning

Storyals training is developed by field-leading experts, carefully produced to highlight best practice and real-life scenarios. Leveraging the power of storytelling to enhance learning and quizzes to test understanding. Once a user has completed a full course, a personalized certificate is sent via email.

Cost-effective & scalable

The training is easily scalable and offers a cost-effective way of upskilling large teams or whole organizations. Providing employees with relevant training where they need it - when they need it - eases frustration, lower support costs and boosts productivity.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams

The product provides seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and users can access the courses directly using the LMS365 Teams App. The training courses are also available through SharePoint and the LMS365 mobile app.

Analyze & report on learner progress

The product provides rich and powerful learning management tools, to analyze and report on learning progress on an individual level and throughout the organization.

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