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Visionet Systems, Inc

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Reshape your customer engagement through AI driven analytics

AcuitySpark is an advanced analytics solution that delivers operational and customer intelligence to multi-channel retailers so they can establish an elastic, consumer-centric value chain. It mines deep, actionable knowledge about consumers and their preferences an interactions across engagement channels, enabling businesses to

  • Align sales, marketing, and operations around customer expectations
  • Deliver a consistent customer experience based on intimate knowledge
  • Offer convenient, responsive, and personalized products and services at the right time
  • Optimize business operations by closing the gap from insights to action

Powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data, and the cloud, AcuitySpark processes data from a variety of retail sources with very low latency to rapidly generate actionable, predictive intelligence.

Key Features

AI-driven Customer Insights

  • Customer churn prediction based on machine learning
  • Customer lifetime value analysis
  • Customer segmentation analysis based on recency, frequency, and monetary value of visits

Inventory Optimization

  • Optimized product sourcing decision
  • Better budget distribution for Open to Buy
  • Sell-through analysis
  • Replenishment order analysis

Market Basket Analysis

  • Identify products commonly sold together
  • Calculate single-transaction product sale probability
  • Determine core item frequency/affinity

Sales and Operational Intelligence

  • Comprehensive list of metrics and KPIs to measure products, organization, and locations
  • Extensive sales analytics capabilities
  • Predict optimized inventory positions