Anywhere365® Contact Center for Teams

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Microsoft 365 Certified

Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud platform for Omnichannel Communications

Direct Routing Microsoft Teams contact center
by Anywhere365®

Anywhere365® is a fully featured, truly native Microsoft Teams contact center solution that leverages your existing investment in Microsoft platforms and applications. It is an industry proven solution, trusted by over 1800 global enterprises. As Microsoft’s first officially certified Cloud Contact Center and Dialogue Management solution, Anywhere365® can fully leverage the (voice) capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Direct routing enables your contact center agents and knowledge workers to make and receive calls from Microsoft Teams. Route calls directly to Teams powered agents with all our rich features, such as Call recording, Real-time Translation, IVR, Supervisor, Reporting, Wallboards and many more.

Off-the-shelf managed environment
Our flagship product, the Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud, delivers the reliability and security modern omnichannel contact centers demand, while allowing you the flexibility to easily integrate your back-office systems and the latest technologies into your agents’ workflows. But that's not all. We let you easily extend omnichannel capabilities to anyone in your business, not just in the contact center. A true off-the-shelf dialogue management solution, everything is knitted together in a managed environment and you’ll require zero extra development capacity. You’ll benefit from an easy and first time right deployment, and a flawless and intuitive agent and supervisor UI.

Zero Code Contact Center Automation 
Engage your customers effortlessly across any communications channels of their choice, while ensuring the context and history of the dialogue always moves with them. We make it easy for you to route dialogues based on numbers, skills, geography, IVR prompts, CRM data, white or black-listing and VIP customer routing. Effortlessly automate support desk or contact center dialogues with zero code Anywhere365® Dialogue Studio. This zero code contact center automation software allows contact center managers, supervisors or other designated users to design and publish dialogue flows all by themselves. Dialogue Studio lets them simply drag and drop nodes without codes to a canvas, and painlessly deploy with the click of a button.

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