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Yieldigo AI pricing platform

Yieldigo, s.r.o.

Customer-Centric AI Pricing Platform for Retailers

Yieldigo helps B2C retailers such as supermarkets, drugstores, and pharmacies to set optimal non-promotional prices to maximize profit or revenues using our Customer-Centric Machine Learning Algorithm. Yieldigo is proved to deliver 5 to 15% profit uplift while preserving their revenues and price index. Yieldigo is an AI pricing platform that incorporates the customer’s willingness to pay Our best-in-class profit-increasing pricing platform: • Delivers measurable results – Yieldigo provides quantitative proof thanks to initial exact measurement during the trial. • Requires no upfront investment – Integration costs are covered by Yieldigo. • Has the fastest integration in the market – Thanks to a prefabricated SaaS solution the data integration takes only 8 weeks. Automate pricing without complex rules Set broad boundaries and the AI will react to changes in demand and the competitive marketplace, helping you maximize revenues and profits. See profit improvement after 3 months already First results are already visible after the first month, with full effect achieved after the third month.