airSlate: PDF Editor, Doc Gen, Web Forms, E-Sign

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Automate document workflows in MS Dynamics 365 and beyond with multi-cloud connections

Discover airSlate - the all-in-one solution that includes: web forms, document generation, a PDF editor, built-in e-signatures, online redlining and workflow automation.

Use One Solution Instead of Multiple
Populate agreements, contracts, quotes and invoices with data from standard and custom MS Dynamics 365 entities. Build online fillable PDF and web forms and send them out for signing without leaving MS Dynamics 365.

Automate Complex Processes
Create logic driven workflows to automate sales, finance, legal, HR and other processes. Configure automation in minutes, set up flows to run on schedule, or initiate them with the click of a custom button, no coding required.

Keep MS Dynamics 365 Data Relevant
Enjoy the functionality of multiple airSlate Bots for creating and updating MS Dynamics 365 records with data collected via PDF and web forms, or other sources like NetSuite, Google Sheets, MySQL, etc.

airSlate frees you from routine tasks by automating any complex document workflows. No coding and multiple apps required, simply set up your document workflow in minutes.

Save time and reduce errors generating data driven contracts, agreements, quotes and proposals with a click of your custom button. Initiate contract negotiations online with comments and document routing.

Collaborate on workflows with teammates in a single workspace connected to your MS Dynamics 365 instance. Assign roles, permissions, and define who will receive documents and forms at each stage of your workflow after set conditions are met.

Track documents and workspace activity using airSlate analytics widgets to find bottlenecks and optimize your business processes.

Typical industry use cases where airSlate automation saves hours of work include:

- Patient intake

- Contract negotiations

- Invoicing

- Vendor/supplier agreements

- Employee onboarding

- Internal requests (equipment, resources, etc)

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