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Quickly send quotes and other sales documents for signature with connected DocuSign eSignatures

Want to quickly send quotes and other sales documents for electronic signature directly?

Save time by efficiently delivering your documents to complete orders, agreements or contracts directly from Dynamics 365 Sales or any model-driven app.
Our connector enables you to create PDFs from your Word templates and send these documents using the industry-leading DocuSign eSignature service. Each signed document is securely stored in Dynamics 365.

Quickly Send Documents

Click the 'Get Signatures' button in the Dynamics ribbon, and adjust options to select the appropriate template, determine the frequency of reminder emails, choose the order of recipients, and include any supporting documents. Send your document without needing to switch from the Dynamics user interface.

Includes DocuSign Envelopes

The connector included ample usage capacity for DocuSign envelopes, so there's no need to purchase a separate credit pack.

Document Tracking

Check the status of each document sent from the associated record.

Status Updates

Receive notifications once each document is signed and check the current status in Dynamics 365.

Automatic Filing

A copy of each completed document is automatically sent to the signer and attached to the associated record.

No DocuSign Account Required

The entire process of sending electronic documents by DocuSign is completed within the Dynamics 365 or model-driven app experience.

How to Deploy

Deploy the DocuSign Connector and any of our packaged products as part of Preact's managed service, Elevate 365. This all-inclusive subscription also connects you to CRM support, technical expertise, product insight, user training and online learning content to grow your Dynamics system faster and continuously improve.

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