Payroll Preparation for D365 Human Resources

par Hubdrive

Microsoft + Hubdrive = HR Excellence

The HR Power Extension Payroll extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources with functions for the preparation of wages and salaries. 

The function collects all salary components for all employees for the respective payroll period and processes payments. Further information such as employee arrivals, departures, sick days and master data changes are used for transfer to accounting.

All highlights at a glance

  • Different employers and payment cycles
  • Calculation of commission payments
  • Transfer of relevant absences
  • Standardized exchange format via Excel
  • Direct integration for common payroll accounting systems (DATEV, ADP, Sdworx, NAPA3, ...) 

Save time & increase comfort

The high degree of automation saves you a lot of time and gives you more security in your work processes. The Payroll Preparation module is fully integrated as part of your D365 HR solution. The users work in their familiar Microsoft environment and multiple data entry is completely avoided. 


You can either buy the solution or subscribe for a monthly fee. 

Next step for Business Decision Makers: Payroll Preparation live

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Next step for IT: Trial Solution download

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Technical Integration and Deployment

The extension Payroll Preparation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources is certified by Microsoft and is fully integrated in the D365 CDS Power Platform. You can deploy the extension in the Dynamics cloud or install it locally in your company. 

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