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Gino LegalTech is a tool for automated document authoring, requires a subscription to Gino LegalTech

Gino LegalTech platform description (requires a subscription to Gino LegalTech)

The current drafting method, which consists of making a set of "copied and pasted" textual blocks consistent, must cope with today’s mutations of the contractual universe. Lengthening of contracts, explosion of their number, search for financial efficiency, more sophisticated and international operations …

With Gino, the lawyer creates documents that, enriched by intuitive instructions inserted over the course of writing, are real capable robots that faithfully reproduce his approach: interview the applicant of the contract and, depending on his responses, produce the appropriate contract.

With only two types of instructions, variables and conditional elements, the lawyer creates his robots, capable of handling the most complex contracts and ensuring their logical and legal coherence. Once the robots are created, the time savings are substantial.

The platform integrates, first, a module for creating robots. This module makes it possible to produce a robot for each type of contract (lease, employment contract, shareholders' agreement, etc.). It uses for this Microsoft Word, augmented by the Gino add-in.

In addition to saving considerable time, and the ability to focus on the strategic choices to be made for a given act, the robot allows the lawyer to secure his writing.

Then, the platform has a generator, which allows to interactively question the users wishing to produce a contract. The document, then generated according to the answers given, is in line with that conceived by the legal editor. It is thus possible to delegate the production of the acts to the operational staff or to the collaborators, when the lawyer considers it necessary.

Finally, the robot manager allows the lawyer to record, classify and find his robots to enrich them or to produce contracts.

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