Powell Teams


Powell Teams – Teams Templates. Teams governance. Business processes.

Powell Teams – Teams Templates. Teams governance. Business processes

Teams Templates

A catalog of customized teams templates to get the best out of your Office 365 applications and collaboration processes. Make an immediate business impact while respecting your best IT practices

• Ready-to-run business teams templates

• Pre-defined channels

• Pre-configured tabs

• Office 365 apps such as tasks, videos

Teams Dashboard

Get access to a structured dashboard for improved navigation, visualization, and search. Quickly find your teams and their relevant information such as the last edited documents.

• Easier access to all your teams

• Teams categorization

• Use tags and filters for enhanced search experience

• Quick access to relevant information


Governance is automated and IT best-practices are integrated into the user’s team creation process.

• Tags and naming convention

• Owners and members management

• Team creation approval workflow

• Teams lifecycle management

• Integration of third-party automation workflows

With Powell Teams, save 20 minutes each time you create a new team! Choose the teams template that matches your business case and collaborate instantly, while following IT best practices. Benefit from a ready-to-go team workspace which includes your business tools and processes.

Create your own models in just a few clicks. All templates can be reused by everyone for each kind of daily scenario: new employee onboarding, sales RFP, product marketing management, and more.

With Powell Teams, optimize your business impact and guarantee the right security and governance to keep employees focused on what is important

Make collaboration easier and quicker in the hybrid workplace with an enhanced user experience.

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