Alphalyr Unified Sales Management Platform

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Rally all managers around a collaborative, on/offline, contextualized sales performance system

Accelerate your company’s agility and digital transformation

Rally every business manager around a unified, real-time sales performance agile management system. A 360° view to decide faster and smarter.

UX first

  • Ideal reporting for optimizing decisions-making
  • Constantly improved KPIs and visualizations
  • Intuitive, accessible reporting that managers want to read

Only the business context you need

  • View your business calendar
  • Access your collective digital logbook
  • Visualize your competitors’campaigns
  • Understand weather influences
  • Display full range of objectives

Collaborate in real time

  • Manage unstructured data, such as your business calendar or digital logbook
  • Access third party data (exchange rates, competitors’ campaigns, weather, calendar events, etc.)
  • Integrate Alphalyr with any enterprise BI platform

Leverage reliable digital data

At a glance, managers know the reliability of their KPIs.

  • Score and monitor multiple data sources
  • Detect and correct errors in data streams
  • Track quality trends
  • Ability to provide clean, normalized digital data to third-party systems
  • Everything to optimize your marketing spend

    Everything is included to optimize your marketing spend simultaneously and in real time.

  • Tag management
  • Deduplication and multi-touch attribution
  • Credit conversions
  • Fraud detection and suppression
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