Semantic search - Smart QA for e-commerce


Enable visitors to ask questions on a product on a product page and find instant answers

Semantic search solution to help visitors in their buying journey

Integrated in a few minutes on the product pages of e-commerce sites, our action button (widget) makes it possible to answer instantly, thanks to artificial intelligence models, any question from a visitor on the product page, whether the question concerns the characteristics of the product, a consumer review or generic pre-sales questions.

The impact is as follows: 

  • The visitor gets his answer, the brake to purchase is removed and the probability of purchase increases by 45%. 
  • The visitor does not get an answer - his question is not answered by the content on the page - he can if necessary contact an advisor who may be able to help him or send his question to the community. The number of pre-sales questions sent to the community or to customer service is reduced by 50% and only questions with added value are transferred. 
  • The merchant will not have converted immediately, but he will have obtained precise information on the reasons why his visitor left the product page and will be able to enrich his product page accordingly in the future.

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