Viva Suite Quick Deploy: 1-Mnth Implementation


Engage ClearPeople - a Microsoft Preferred Partner - to quickly and efficiently deploy the Viva Suite for your next generation employee experience.

The Viva Suite Quick Deployment consists of a clear, concise and pragmatic approach to deploying Viva Topics, Viva Learning and Viva Insights to a customer's Microsoft 365 production tenant. Optionally it can also cover Viva Connections and SharePoint Syntex.

The approach is proven and follows best practices. It includes engagement of the executive stakeholders; subject matter experts; and other stakeholders and in particular provides activities to build out a champions network program.

The ultimate outcome is for the customer to be in a position to be self-sufficient to fully own, adopt and scale the Viva Suite of products.


The Quick Deployment Services activities are delivered across the following three stages:

  • Getting Started
  • Technical Deployment
  • Experiment

This is then followed by the fourth stage called "Scale", which is not included in the Quick Deployment service.


Within each stage the activities cover the following workstreams:

  • Planning activities
  • Technology deployment activities (across Viva Topics, Viva Learning, Viva Insights and optionally Viva Connections and SharePoint Syntex)
  • Communication activities
  • Adoption and Change Management activities (including training)

Further reading

Please see the attached materials for further details on the service and included activities.

Please also note that terms, conditions and pricing are custom to each engagement.

Dunha ollada