PowerBI QuickBooks Connector: 1-Week Implemention

Fresh BI

PowerBI QuickBooks Connector: 1-Week Implemention

The PowerBI connector for QuickBooks will be broken until April 2021. FreshBI will guide you through and help implement a workaround to keep your QBO reporting on-line.

Recently, the data connector for Quickbooks has stopped working in PowerBI. This is due to the discontinuation of support for Internet Explorer 11. If you find yourself suffering from the now broken QBO connector, FreshBI can help!

FreshBI has discovered a workaround to get your data back online, and keep your reports up and running. Whether you are a brand new PowerBI user, or have existing reports, this solution will slot right in with your needs. This new method of QBO data extraction will keep costs low while providing seamless integration to your existing infrastructure.

This offering can be tweaked to act as an implementation, or a consulting session.

Benefits include:

  • Reactivation of Quickbooks reporting in PowerBI
  • A low maintenance, low cost datawarehouse
  • Near real time reporting
  • Full Training
  • Full Support
  • Seamless integration with existing reports
  • Seamless reintegration when the QBO custom connector is back online

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