Enabling Power Platform Governance: 2-Wk Workshop


Enable your organisation to seek, innovate, develop & reuse solutions within the Power Platform, through a series of engaging & hands-on training options delivered to your organisation by Velrada.

Seeking to foster citizen development & innovation? Who are you expecting to develop solutions with the Power Platform? Want to understand how to broaden your capability through shadow IT and provide a governed way to develop & innovate?

Velrada can help uplift your organisation with this platform for innovation!

We offer a simple, 4-step collaborative engagement that can be tailored to your needs:

  1. Assessment
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation
  4. Nurturing

Deliverables you’ll receive from Velrada as part of this engagement:

✓ Centre of Excellence Toolkit - Deployment of the Microsoft toolkit to assist with administration, governance, nurturing, support, and operations ✓ Citizen Registration App - Framework to safely on-board Citizen Developers into the Power Platform world ✓ Idea Register List - A registry of new ideas and developed applications to inspire adoption and encourage IP ✓ Design Authority Group - Establish governance groups to support quality, operations, security, licencing, data management ✓ Self-Governing Guidelines – How to engage an internal development community, protect critical solutions, and continue to implement best practice management of the Power Platform ✓ Training Workshops - AIAD & DIAD interactive workshops to help grow the community and ensure return on value ✓ ALM Blueprint – Learn how to utilise Azure DevOps with Power Platform solutions to ensure continuity and proper application lifecycle management ✓ Solution Design Materials - Decision Trees to help understand best practices in access on-premises systems and leveraging available connectors ✓ UX Materials – Materials on how to build applications with a strong focus on UX and UI principals and reusability

*NB: Prices and timeframes are indicative as our Power Platform Governance offering can be tailored to suit your organisations needs. Get in touch today at !

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