Covideo - Video & Screen Recorder

Covideo, LLC

Record, send, and track personalized video messages and screen captures right from your inbox.

Record, send, and track personalized video messages - without ever having to leave your inbox.

RECORD your webcam, screen or both.

CUSTOMIZE your video emails by adding your own calls-to-action and landing page.

SEND new video or add existing videos from your Covideo library - all within Outlook.

TRACK engagement through email notifications and recent activity through the sidebar.

Send videos to prospects, customers or colleagues, and cut through the noise with the simple solution built for smarter outreach.

Install the Covideo Outlook Add-in extension now to get started.

Please note:

- This add-in is not supported on Internet Explorer 11 or Safari.

- Web-based recorder is supported on latest Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

- A subscription to Covideo is required before using this product. Try it free at

Funcionalidades do suplemento
Cando se usa o suplemento, este
  • Pode enviar datos a través da internet
  • Este suplemento pode acceder a información persoal presente na mensaxe activa, como o corpo, o asunto, o remitente, os destinatarios e a información anexada. Así mesmo, é posible que envíe estes datos a un servizo de terceiros. Os demais elementos da súa caixa de entrada non se pon ler nin modificar.
  • Dunha ollada