Microsoft Teams Training: 4 hrs workshop

End-user Teams Training. This active and collaborative training is not only fun, but above all ensures that everyone leaves the training with new knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to get to work.

This training makes it easier to work efficiently with your team members. We break through inefficient working methods, create commitments and improve work routines. We use generic scenarios (online meetings, effective communication, document handling, task management) to agree with your team how to take online collaboration to the next level.

Boost teamwork anywhere, anytime The possibilities in Microsoft Teams are endless. Work on documents together, plan tasks, have discussions on any subject, follow the progress of joint projects and exchange ideas. This versatility of Teams requires a change in the approach to collaboration. During the training we investigate the current collaboration style and digital working environment. We decide what is needed for the team and what works for everyone individually. We determine what added value Teams has within the team. We make new agreements about this and invite the team to behave in a way that suits those agreements.

How does it work? In 4 hours we have people experience their current way of working together, give insights in collaboration inefficiencies, help them to develop new working routines based on generic scenarios and make them responsible for doing so. We use your Microsoft Teams environment to support this process, by explain functionality in a do-it-yourself setting. Learning by doing, in a live Teams environment.

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