Viva Insights - 8 week implementation

Our Viva Insight solutions provide an easy way to gain insight into productivity, employee well-being and manager effectiveness in your organization.

Discover the possibilities to optimize business processes. We analyze the current situation and look for opportunities within the organization. We look at your goals and ambitions regarding the use of Viva Insights and translate them into desired scenarios.We enable you to protect and promote the wellbeing, productivity and involvement of employees and managers. We set up organization-specific dashboards and analyze the data. Then develop a data-driven adoption plan based on your challenges.

We start the program with a stakeholder workshop. During this workshop we identify the challenges and determine the desired result together with the stakeholders. We guide the implementation of Viva, the configuration and implement a dashboard with your organization's privacy-protected data. We identify the greatest opportunities and provide tools on how to tackle them. This results in an adoption plan based on your current situation, organizational context, opportunities for improvement and the possible future dangers.

High Level Workplan • Week 1-2 Setup and preparation activities • Week 2-4: Setting up dashboard and implementing organisational specific dashboards. • Week 5: Stakeholder workshops • Week 6-8: Final Readout and insights provided

Implementation outcomes Deliverables include a report of findings and recommendations based on best practices applied at other similar organizations.

The implementation includes: • Guidance on the setup and configuration of VIVA Insights ensuring smooth implementation and communication with key stakeholders. • Discovery of your organization's collaboration patterns, manager effectiveness and employee wellbeing. • Delivery of actionable insights across three topics • Delivery of actionable insights in other business outcomes of choice • Identification of the biggest opportunity areas, and how to tackle them

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