ESG Scorecard: 4-Week Implementation

Clouds On Mars

Power BI solution to implement ESG KPIs reporting based on sustainability standards

It is a comprehensive solution to prepare analytics and the dashboard based on one of the sustainability reporting standards. The final product is an ESG dashboard based on the Power BI solution.

What Client’s problems does it solve?

  • Clear data visualization as a Power BI dashboard
  • Implementation and execution of sustainability strategy
  • Tracking and analyzing market sustainability with detailed ESG KPIs
  • Measuring how markets perform on sustainability goals
  • Comparison between a market and global level

How does it support our Client’s ESG goals and targets?

  • Power BI visualizations enable to make of data-driven strategic decisions
  • Allows having a global and macro view as well as a micro-scale with detail about each of the targets
  • Verifies where is currently and through the years the company with the execution of its sustainability strategy
  • Helps with the preparation of ESG reports according to the law requirements
  • Checks the efficiency and potential benefits from the implementation of the sustainability strategy and its targets

How to start?

We support our Clients to execute sustainability strategies efficiently with a team of dedicated ESG subject matter experts to set up the specific goals for the organization and measure and track the progress with a proper tool. With a 4-weeks trial program, we collect and integrate the data and implement the initial version scorecard dashboard. As a good example, we have supported one of our clients with a presence in over 150 counties. Thanks to our help, the Client was able to gather data from all its regions and divisions, which materialized in the form of a comprehensive dashboard tracking usage of electricity, water, biochemical and non-biochemical waste. KPIs are visible over time, we can follow their trends, and check them per the place where the client operates. Equipped with this data, and rightful insights coming from it, the client got the tools to make the actual change in the sustainability area. The price of the ESG Scorecard is fully based on the scope of work.

Clouds on Mars ESG Team

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