IN - Crayon Power Apps Expense Management App


Crayon's tailored Financial Management solution for Microsoft 365 streamlines expenses, enhances efficiency, and optimizes decision-making.

With over 20 years of experience and a team of 2000+, Crayon reaches 80% of the global market. Having nurtured relationships with 60,000+ customers, we now present a comprehensive Financial Management solution tailored to your Microsoft 365 Ecosystem.

Business Challenges

• Inefficient Expense Tracking: Many organizations struggle with manual and time-consuming expense tracking methods. • Complex Approval Processes: Approving expenses can be cumbersome, especially in larger organizations. • Lack of Visibility: Businesses often lack visibility into their spending patterns and financial health. • Data Integration Challenges: Integrating data from various sources can be a challenge, leading to data inconsistencies. • Difficulty in Expense Reporting: Generating comprehensive and accurate expense reports can be time-intensive. • Scalability: As businesses grow, managing expenses becomes more complex. • User-Friendly Interface: Traditional expense management systems may be complicated and difficult to navigate. • Compliance and Audit Concerns: Ensuring compliance with expense policies and regulations is vital.


Crayon's Expense Management streamlines expense report entry, review, and approval, offering cost-effective automation. Leveraging SharePoint's document libraries, Power Automate workflows, and Power Apps mobile entry, it delivers a user-friendly app at a fraction of the cost. It seamlessly integrates into your ecosystem, ensuring a unified experience with Microsoft Power Platform features. All achievable through your existing subscription.


• Expense Submission: Easily enter expense details, upload receipts, and categorize expenses using a user-friendly interface. • Approval Workflow: Automate and customize multi-level approval workflows, ensuring compliance with organizational policies. • Real-time Insights: Gain real-time visibility into expense data with interactive dashboards and reports, enabling better decision-making. • Mobile Accessibility: Access the app on the go using mobile devices, allowing users to submit and approve expenses anytime, anywhere. • Notifications: Receive automated notifications for pending approvals, submission status, and policy violations.

Benefits • Efficiency: Reduce manual effort with automated workflows, leading to faster expense processing. • Accuracy: Minimize errors by integrating with existing financial systems and databases. • Visibility: Access real-time data for informed financial decision-making. • Compliance: Ensure adherence to expense policies and regulatory requirements. • User-Friendly: Intuitive interface enhances user adoption and reduces training time. • Cost Savings: Optimize expense management processes, leading to reduced operational costs.

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