Empowers frontline workforce with Microsoft 365 Licenses F1/F3

Empowers frontline workforce with Microsoft 365 Licenses F1/F3 with intuitive tools and enhanced security, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.

This plan equips your frontline workforce with powerful and intuitive tools, ensuring a connected and secure experience. Here are the key components of the implementation: 1-month implementation plan for deploying Microsoft 365 F3 or F1 to your frontline workers:

  1. Week 1: Initial Setup and Communication o Kickoff meeting and assessment. o Deploy Microsoft 365 F3 or F1 o Train users on essential apps. (Email, Teams and Office Apps)

  2. Week 2: Collaboration and Productivity o Implement Teams for chat and file sharing. o Set up Outlook and Microsoft Stream.

  3. Week 3: Engagement and Efficiency o Deploy Viva Connections. o Explore Power Apps and automation.

  4. Week 4: Final Touches and Evaluation o Set up Viva Engage and Bookings. o Review security and compliance.

This implementation project is tailored specifically for your frontline workers, ensuring they have the right tools to excel in their roles.

Microsoft 365 F1 Only includes Microsoft Teams and SharePoint/Viva. Microsoft 365 F3 includes email, collaboration tools and more.

Dimension4 does not provide any trial licenses, an active tenant is required, or we can assist on getting a new one.

Price will vary depend on the project scope starting at $750 to $2500

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