Catalyst Envisioning: 1-Day Workshop

Enlighten Designs Ltd

Build, plan and execute your business transformation with Microsoft Catalyst and Power Apps.

Customers using the Catalyst framework for business transformation have experienced up to 9x higher return on their initiatives.

In our new reality, how do you envision the future state of your organization? Build your transformation strategy with Microsoft Catalyst, a proven and powerful approach to innovation.

Let's Ideate Together

Meet with our experts for an envisioning workshop, where we can ideate together using design led thinking concepts and jointly define how to enable the digital transformation of your organization.

This one-day workshop starts with a review of business objectives, followed by mutual discovery and visualization of solutions, ending with a clear, actionable picture of how we can help you reach your business goals with the implementation of Microsoft's Power Platform, featuring Power Apps and Power Automate.

Why Enlighten Designs?

Country Partner of the Year Enlighten Designs are experts in technology and business applications for over 20 years. We'll demonstrate how you can replace your paper-based forms with Power Apps; implement automated notifications with Power Automate; auto-track task progress using Model-Driven Apps and collect/collate your data to build useful insights for meaningful decision-making with Power BI.


  1. Pre-workshop planning & stakeholder interviews, covering: Business strategy, tactics & objectives; current pain points; priorities, wishes & risks; analytics; CRM/email integration; high-level IT infrastructure & resources
  2. 1-Day expert-led workshop. Agenda includes: Ranking of pain points; discover opportunities; frame problems; expand targets & build a matrix of importance. Practical section demonstrates how the Power Platform transforms a nominated pain point.
  3. Post-workshop delivery of High Level Roadmap/next steps for implementation.

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