Power BI Custom Visual: 1-Wk Implementation

Enlighten Designs Ltd

Do more with Power BI with a custom-built, medium-complexity Custom Visual that solves your unique business case.

As experts in Business Intelligence, Power BI, and award-winning Power BI Custom Visuals, our innovation studio understands there are limitless ways to beautifully and meaningfully visualize data.

Custom Visuals allow you to harness the intelligence of Power BI to fit your unique business case. Don’t be limited by ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions - build the tools you need to get the end result with the greatest impact. Check out our free Custom Visuals in AppSource to give you a taste of what we can offer.

Why Enlighten Designs?

A founding partner of Microsoft's Data Journalism program, Enlighten are experienced at creating beautifully designed data visuals that deliver access to information that is transparent, relevant, and easy-to-understand. We will work with you to understand your business and find the best way to visualize your data.

This 1-week implementation delivers a medium-complexity Power BI Custom Visual built to your unique specifications.


  • Develop understanding of your unique business challenges
  • Provide an overview of Power BI Custom Visuals scope and identification of use case requirements. May include broadcast, infographics, dashboards, data journalism, PR, and internal HR applications
  • Deliver expert product demo of Power BI with useful insider tips and highlighting the unique features relevant to your business challenges
  • Establish product spec and requirements for your unique medium-complexity Power BI Custom Visual


  • A custom-built and beautifully designed medium-complexity Power BI Custom Visual for private use
  • Four (4) hours of troubleshooting & implementation support

NOTE: Price will vary, depending on scope of work.

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