Business Central Accounting & Trade Implementation: 2 Weeks

Intech Systems Pvt Ltd.

Move away from your legacy financial system and quickly go live with Dynamics 365 Business Central. 


Whether you are a small business owner or looking to expand your business, ERP solution is the most sought-after application to manage finance, supply chain, manufacturing, project management, and other business operations efficiently and seamlessly. Dynamics 365 Business Central, previously known as Navision, is a part of the Dynamics suite of business applications and one of the most popular ERPs in the market. We'll look at some of the core functionalities of Business Central that make it the only game in the market that matters. In this workshop, you can learn how to quickly move away from your legacy financial system and go live with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Scope & Deliverables:


Sales Quotes

Sales Orders

Sales Shipments

Sales Invoices


Purchase Quotes

Purchase Orders

Purchase Receipts

Purchase Invoices

Chart of Accounts


Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss Sheet

General Vouchers

Voucher Print

Master Data Import


Chart of Accounts



Opening Data Import

Bank Opening Balance

Chart of Account Opening Balance

Customer Opening Balance

Vendor Opening Balance

Implementation Steps

20-22 hours System Training

Initial System Configuration

Master & Opening Data Upload

Post Launch Support for 2 Days

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