Power BI: Assessment & High-Level Roadmap: 1-Day Workshop

Intech Systems Pvt Ltd.

To assess your current business requirements and see how Power BI can help meet your goals.

Power BI – Brief Intro, Assessment & High-Level Roadmap

Our team of functional and technical experts will work with the key stakeholders from your team to understand your business processes and requirements. This will help us formulate a roadmap for the implementation of the data analytics solution for your organization.


Discovery: As mentioned above, we'll start the process by gathering information on your organizational/departmental strategic and business goals, your current analytics & business intelligence. Visioning: An interactive demo of Power BI features and use cases to help the stakeholders understand how we can best meet their organizational requirements. Several questions will be addressed in this portion of the assessment, including how to: Improve data gathering from various disparate data sources to derive more holistic insights Improve operations and controls with data catalog, governance, security, and storage Improve insights with well-designed dashboards Action: Q&A and whiteboarding of a conceptual plan in the next steps. Deliverables High-level data source identification and analysis Ecosystem study and suggestions Architecture whiteboarding and documentation Execution analysis and next steps Source documentation and recommendations Possible implementation plan Use case and design review Benefits & Outcomes: At the end of this assessment, you’ll have an actionable plan with both short-term as well as long-term goals, priorities, and recommendations to address your business needs.

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