Hybrid Work Collaboration Consultancy: 9-Weeks Assessment


Translate Business Challenges into the best suitable hybrid work collaboration and meeting solutions based on Microsoft Teams Rooms

Kinly’s unique approach to integrating collaboration tools proves value with combines assessment, adoption and managed services.

For hybrid work to be truly effective, it must address not just your people’s day-to-day workflows, but wider business challenges too. Kinly understands the nuance that exists between these considerations and so works to translate hybrid work policies, business challenges and overarching values into a single collaboration environment that works for your specific organisation.

We begin with a workshop, talking to people who fit into different roles, generations and approaches within your business. Using questionnaires to learn more about their workflows, attitudes and desire for collaboration tools gives us all the information we need to advise on the best solution for your people. Plus, it indicates the necessary budget, including out-of-pocket and recurring cost.

Once we’ve determined what will work best for your business, we put the ‘proof of concept’ into action. We’ll design, install and launch two Microsoft Teams Rooms, along with SufaceHub, and train your people in their use. Then your people are free to experience the true value of Microsoft Teams Rooms and Kinly’s services, while we keep an eye on our agreed success criteria in the background.

After 4 weeks of incredible collaboration experiences, as the final stage during this 9-week process, we’re sure you’ll be eager to expand your Microsoft meeting estate. There’s no better way to understand the value of collaboration tech than in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

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