Upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365: 2 Day Migration Assessment


With Microsoft Dynamics AX reaching end of support, the risks of an unsupported software can be grave. Assess if your business is ready for a move to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A business assessment is the first step to help assess if a migration to a new business management solution is required for your business. If required, the move from your current version of Microsoft Dynamics AX to the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 is justified with an explanation of the benefits, the process, and return on investment (ROI).

When you sign up for this assessment, our migration assessment experts will connect with you for an initial kick-off to understand your current business and processes. They will evaluate the key technical dependencies in your migration journey and determine the programmatic plan to move your organization to the cloud.

The two-day workshop will include:

Day 1: Discovery

Understand your current business model and processes.

Review the level of customization required on standard functionality.

Analyze ISV products installed, and third-party applications used.

Analyze the current database model and capacity growth based on usage.

Understand various integrations, data and security level access.

Day 2: Future Business Path

Map a path to migrate your Microsoft Dynamics AX to a cloud based Microsoft solution.

Recommend a suitable Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solution.

Explain the benefits of moving to this cloud-based solution.

Review your existing ISV’s readiness with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Recommendations on data migration and other migration activities.

Highlight’s IPs and accelerators that can speed up the migration process

Demo of the new features of recommended solution.

With this, you will not just have an overview but a complete understanding of the solution which is right for your business, but also gain knowledge on optimizing the migration process with a focus on reducing effort and costs, and how your business stands to gain from the new solution.

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