Microsoft 365 Adoption as a Service

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Adoption and Change Management Solutions to help tailor deployments and migrations for Microsoft 365 according to your specific business needs.

Software subscriptions can become white elephants if your team isn't leveraging them to their full potential. That's where Adoption-as-a-Service comes into play, bridging the gap between technological capability and user proficiency. Specifically designed to overcome the limitations often seen in traditional SaaS models, this full-service model ensures that customer success is at the forefront—from the initial implementation stage all the way to long-term support. Our holistic approach empowers end-users with the confidence and skills they need to effectively interact with and benefit from cloud-based platforms.

Supported Applications: Full Microsoft Suite of Applications, Power Platform, Viva Suite, Dynamics 365

Our Full-Service Model Includes: A dedicated team of technologists, architects, and change specialists to engage business stakeholders and facilitate open lines of communication between all parties involved, ensuring complete buy-in from your team. Personalized 1-on-1 consulting to mitigate migration risks and transition smoothly with expert guidance that makes sure you avoid common pitfalls. A strategic roadmap tailored to your business needs to maximize project success and leverage our expertise to get the most out of your software investment. Dedicated monthly effort to deploy assets and progress along your roadmap, improving end-user experiences and ensuring that every user finds the software intuitive, functional, and beneficial. Customized dashboard in Power BI with defined KPIs to overcome obstacles to change and get personalized coaching and strategies that ease the adoption process.

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