Copilot Catalyst Program

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The Copilot Catalyst Program is a comprehensive approach to AI, designed to seamlessly prepare your environment for the integration of Microsoft 365 Copilot to transform your organization.

Copilot is a revolutionary AI assistant that helps you write better code faster. It learns from billions of lines of code and suggests the best completions for your context. But Copilot is more than just a tool. It is a catalyst for transforming your entire business with AI. To unleash the full potential of Copilot, you need to have a cloud-enabled, data-protected, and employee-centric environment that supports AI innovation and integration. You also need to design your business model around AI capability, rather than just applying AI to existing processes. This requires a strategic approach that aligns your vision, goals, and use cases with your data, security, and change management policies. That's why we created the Copilot Catalyst Program, a thorough program that helps you prepare your environment for AI and integrate Copilot with your business model. The Copilot Catalyst Program is a comprehensive service that covers the following phases of transformation:

Phase 1: Vision & Value Project Kickoff: Launch your transformation with a meticulously planned kickoff. Reap the benefits of strategic alignment as our Senior Consultants collaborates with your business stakeholders project team to craft a vision that syncs perfectly with your business organizations goals, ensuring all stakeholders are primed for success with a clear roadmap and defined objectives. Strategic Roadmap Development for Copilot Workshop: Dive into a customized bespoke workshop experience that doesn't just map your business processes to technology but reimagines them, unlocking new efficiencies and competitive advantages. This interactive, hands-on session is designed to foster a culture of innovation, generating excitement and buy-in across your organization.

Phase 2: Assess & Prepare Copilot Environmental Review Analysis and Design: Our Technical Architects ensure your infrastructure is not just compatible but optimized for Copilot integration. This phase is key to mitigating risks and establishing a resilient technical foundation for your transformation journey. Adoption Plan: Drawing from comprehensive discovery workshops and organizational analysis, we craft an adoption plan that not only defines the user journey but accelerates your path to achieving strategic goals, ensuring your organization is ready and equipped for the change. Communications Plan: Our communication strategies are not just plans, but blueprints for engagement and cultural shift, tailored to resonate with your team and facilitate a smooth transition to new ways of working.

Phase 3: Deploy & Enable System Configuration & Deployment: Expect a seamless integration with a deployment that's tailored not just to your business's present needs but also scalable for future growth. Our Technical Architects prioritize a deployment that minimizes downtime and maximizes return on investment. Copilot Readiness: Make your teams ready to soar with Copilot by enabling leaders Champions to experiment with your AI use cases. Our Technical Architects work with our change consultants and your champions to create a Copilot Center of Excellence. Enablement Workshops: These workshops are designed to empower your teams to hit the ground running with Copilot. They transform users from learners to leaders in the new digital space, driving productivity and innovation.

Phase 4: Integrate & Adopt User Training Sessions: Beyond simple functionality, our training sessions are geared towards maximizing the strategic use of Copilot, ensuring that every feature is leveraged to its fullest potential, creating a true role transformation for each user group allowing turning everyday tasks into opportunities for efficiency and innovation. Ongoing Support & Analytics: Our support extends beyond problem-solving to provide providing strategic insights. With advanced analytics, we help you understand not just how Copilot is used, but how it can be optimized to drive continuous improvement and strategic decision-making.

Seer’s Pledge for Mastery and Growth Partner with Seer, and to embark on a transformation transformative journey that transcends technology while keeping your people top of mind. Our structured approach delivers a comprehensive digital evolution, ensuring your investment in Copilot for Microsoft 365 catalyzes growth, innovation, and a sustainable competitive advantage. With Seer, you're not just adopting a platform; you're embracing a future of limitless possibilities.

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