Digital Leadership Program

Storyals Global AB

An exclusive program to train your key people to communicate, collaborate, lead and work more effectively with digital tools using Microsoft 365.

The Digital Leadership Program runs for a full year alongside your Storyals Training Product subscription with on demand story-based learning. It's an exclusive program, designed for targeted professionals in your organization that need a more focused training plan to strengthen their digital leadership. Led by Storyals Productivity Coaches, participants get a personalized training plan, 1-1 productivity coaching sessions, and workshops with their direct team to align on digital ways of working.

What you get:

  • Personal Digital Leadership Assessment: For each participant we do a personal Digital Leadership Assessment. This gives you, and our Productivity Coaches, a better understanding of how the training plan should be designed for each individual.

  • Individual Training Plan for each participant: The dedicated Productivity Coach will together with each program participant customize a training plan based on individual needs and goals. Progress will be measured continuously and the program will be adjusted as needed.

  • 1-1 or group coaching sessions: Each participant gets a dedicated Productivity Coach who he or she meets with throughout the year-long program. The sessions can all be 1-1 or planned as groups sessions together with other participants from the same organization.

  • Workshops with your direct team: As part of each individual's training plan, we include two workshop sessions with your direct team. In these sessions we focus on how you should work as a team, and what digital ways of working you would like to implement.

As a result of the program participants will increase their usage of the available apps in Microsoft 365, understand best practices and feel confident working in a digital workplace.

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