Microsoft Power Platform CoE - 6 wks. Implementation

TCS - Digital Workplace

End-to-end implementation of Microsoft Power Platform Governance includes analysis of platform tenant based on Governance guidelines and deployment of solution.

Ushering organizations into the world of Low Code with the Microsoft Power Platform suite

TCS is offering companies worldwide a foundational group of Microsoft Power Platform offerings that will help them move effortlessly into a new era of application development. From imbibing a ‘develop your own’ application culture, incepting a secure arena for application creation and overlooking the process through a governance lens while continuously ensuring policy compliance – the TCS team does it all.

In six weeks, you will be able to

  • MONITOR PLATFORM ADOPTION: Maturity Assessment to understand adoption of Microsoft Power Platform suite of solutions
  • COMPLY TO POLICIES FOR APP & FLOW GOVERNNACE: Build, Deploy and Test Governance solution leveraging Microsoft Power Platform CoE Starter Kit
  • NURTURE CITIZEN DEVELOPERS: Create a citizen developer friendly plan with onboarding, training, provisioning & self-service modules

Our extensive experience in legacy application development with collective industry knowledge allows us to create the right strategic blend of classic and new-age applications for your organization. This would in-turn provide guidance on the processes, teams, divisions, departments, and units which can effectively leverage the Microsoft Power Platform.

Half your development times; double your productivity and create nimble applications that can be easily transformed with your ever-changing business requirements. The TCS team will help you achieve more with less. Let us help you create an application lean organization.

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