Managed Microsoft 365 Services for CMMC Compliance - Commerical, GCC, & GCC High

TechAxia LLC

Using the Microsoft 365 Cloud Platform to achieve & maintain CMMC compliance, TechAxia will offer expertise in Microsoft 365 & CMMC either as a managed service provider or through staff augmentation.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a framework developed by the US Department of Defense that requires formal audits of DIB contractor cybersecurity practices.

At TechAxia we have a winning approach to helping Small Defense Industrial Base (DIB) organizations to become and remain CMMC certified using Microsoft 365.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft 365, the tools from the Microsoft CMMC Acceleration Program, and TechAxia’s expertise in CMMC, TechAxia specializes in supporting the client's CMMC endeavors and Microsoft 365 environment. This support is dedicated not only to achieving initial CMMC compliance but also maintaining it. TechAxia fulfills this role either as an ongoing advisory partner in collaboration with the client's in-house IT/Compliance team or as a managed service provider.

Our approach consists of:

  1. CMMC strategy and execution roadmap. -- Identify your status in the CMMC lifecycle and next steps.
  2. Microsoft 365 Based CMMC Assessment
    -- Conduct/validate CMMC self-assessment -- Create System Security Plan (SSP) & Plan of Action & Milestones -- Calculate your SPRS score
  3. Recommended remediation priorities to increase SPRS Score
  4. Ongoing Managed Services to maintain and manage CMMC compliance on Commercial, GCC, and GCC High environments.


  1. Managed CMMC compliance services - CMMC Advisory -- Including Policies, Plans and Procedures documentation support - Managing CMMC Ecosystem changes effectively: -- How these changes affect you -- Informed response to these changes to achieve/maintain compliance
  2. Managed services for Microsoft 365 - Commerical, GCC, & GCC High - Including staying on top of changes in Microsoft 365: -- And how these changes affect your CMMC compliance efforts -- How they may introduce vulnerabilities into your tenant/reduce your security posture; and how to respond/remediate -- Features you are paying for but not utilizing -- Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity support
  3. Shared responsibility model -- A successful compliance program is typically a result of a collaborative effort. So, this offer includes a shared responsibility model matrix showing who is responsible for each assessment objective -- Collaborative security leads to reduced risks in your environment.

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