IntraSenz - Digitally Next Employee Engagement with Microsoft Viva Connection


Fast Track Employee Engagement Experience Using IntraSenz on Viva Connection in 30 Days.

Transform your organization's digital workplace with IntraSenz: the FastTrack solution for enhanced communication, collaboration, and productivity. This comprehensive platform integrates SharePoint Online, Viva Connections, and Microsoft Teams to empower users, foster knowledge sharing, and create a connected environment. IntraSenz delivers a personalized employee experience, leveraging Modern SharePoint Online and Viva Connections in Microsoft Teams across various devices. Experience the future of work today with IntraSenz's intuitive, ready-to-use modern components. It has been deployed to more than 20 customers (including three for Viva Connections) in 10 industries.

Microsoft Viva Connections is a gateway to a modern employee experience and is designed to keep everyone engaged and informed. Viva Connections is a customizable app in Microsoft Teams that gives different audiences in organization a personalized destination for important information, relevant news, conversations, and the tools they need to succeed. VIVA connection leverages Modern SharePoint Online for bringing the employee experience closer to one in Microsoft Teams in desktop, mobile and other responsive devices.

Drive Employee Experience with Viva Connection:

Prepare: Before implementing Viva Connections through IntraSenz, assess your organization's readiness, set clear goals and objectives, form a dedicated implementation team, and ensure the necessary infrastructure and resources are in place.

Envision: Develop a clear vision for how Viva Connections will enhance employee engagement, customize the app to reflect your organization's branding and culture, identify the types of information, news, and tools that are relevant to your employees, and plan and design engaging content that aligns with your goals.

Realize: Deploy Viva Connections using IntraSenz to seamlessly integrate the platform, provide comprehensive training to employees on how to access and utilize Viva Connections effectively, encourage employees to explore and personalize their Viva Connections experience and foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing through the platform.

Sustain: Continuously monitor and evaluate engagement levels and feedback from employees, promptly address any challenges or issues that arise to ensure a positive user experience, regularly update and refresh content to keep employees engaged and informed, and actively promote Viva Connections as a vital platform for communication and collaboration.

Be the Digital Next with IntraSenz.

  1. Prepare and Evaluate • Identify common challenges and pain points of existing intranet systems. • Evaluate, audit, and identify usability issues. • Structure and organize the Information Architecture (IA) for enhanced accessibility and user experience. • Simplify the Lean UX approach using IntraSenz.

  2. Envision and Visualize • Visualize the employee experience with clickable prototypes • Simplified and collective decision-making for final designs. • Drive and improve the design experience for finalized design.

  3. Realize and Implement • Fastrack the design specification into a working and functional employee experience system using IntraSenz • Inbuilt and ready-to-deployable IntraSenz adaptive cards • Perform Real World Testing Scenarios during User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  4. Sustain and Scalable • Derive roadmap with ongoing changes and advancement in Viva Connection and Microsoft 365 using IntraSenz • Scalable for the future.

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