Modernize Outdated Tools with Power Apps & Power BI

UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

Discover how UBTI leveraged Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI to revolutionize project management for a construction firm, offering advanced analytics, and centralized data management,

Facing the limitations of ProContractorMX and Smartsheet, the construction firm partnered with UBTI to modernize its project management. We seamlessly integrated Power BI for in-depth project analytics and consolidated reporting, while Power Apps enhanced real-time interactions and holistic project overview. The result was the centralization of project data, the elimination of data fragmentation, and the establishment of a comprehensive reporting system. Why UBTI? At UB Technology Innovations, Inc., our Microsoft-certified experts guide clients through the complex journey of modernizing project management. We offer end-to-end solutions, from consultation to implementation and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless transition to Power Apps and Power BI. This holistic approach by UBTI ensures a successful transition to Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI, empowering organizations to optimize project management with efficiency and innovation. Solution: Our company holds substantial expertise in Microsoft technologies and has effectively utilized Power BI for project analytics, consolidated reporting, and in addition to Power Apps for actionable intelligence. These efforts were directed at aligning all data onto a single page, streamlining the creation of a comprehensive project overview enriched with actionable information.

We integrated Power BI with the client's Pro Contractor application, which enabled the consolidation and analysis of project data scattered across different segments. This integration provided advanced project budget analytics, streamlined reporting, and improved control over page layout.

Moreover, we incorporated Power Apps into this solution, seamlessly embedding them with Power BI to construct a holistic project overview and foster real-time interactions among project statuses. Users could then input work item statuses and comments effortlessly and access action items directly, enabling actionable intelligence.

Furthermore, we implemented a paginated report to ensure adherence to formatting standards and make it an ideal solution for displaying extensive project data in an organized manner. This report facilitates easy conversion into PDF format and ensures its readiness for client printing needs.

The most significant advancement brought to our client is the centralization of project data and the integration of advanced project analytics. This centralization eradicated data fragmentation, simplified data administration, and guaranteed that all pertinent project data was effortlessly accessible through a unified platform.

Business benefits Advanced Project Analytics: Utilizing Power BI provided advanced project analytics, enabling the client to gain deeper insights into project performance and budget variations. This empowered data-driven decision-making. Centralized Data Management: Our solution centralized project data eliminated fragmentation and ensured all information was accessible from a single platform. This greatly simplified data management and reduced the risk of errors associated with scattered data. Instantaneous Collaboration: Real-time collaboration promoted efficiency among project stakeholders. Project engineers could instantly update work item statuses, provide comments, and access action items, boosting project agility. Precise Page Layout and Data Intensive Reporting: Implementing paginated reports ensured that project metrics were displayed in an organized and standardized format. This improved the readability and usability of reports, enhancing their value to stakeholders.

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