Aptean Packaging for Food and Beverage


Manage your packaging and returnable packaging inventory and partners balance.

Manage your packaging and returnable packaging inventory and partners balance

Did you ever had a discussion with your customer about the delivered quantity of crates?

With Packaging you are able to setup default packaging and get guided in the logistic processes to register the crates and pallets used. Add default packaging to items to never miss a crate and keep accurate track of outstanding balances. Lines will be automatically added to the source document, from purchase order to purchase invoice and from sales order to sales invoice. If you charge your customers for the returnable packaging, the added line will carry your sales price so you’ll never forget to add it on the invoice.

What is the outstanding packaging balance to my customer?

We will give you a clear overview of the outstanding balance including all historical transactions and links to the source documents. Do you rather keep balance on customer group level or even in a combination of a vendor and customer, it's all possible in the packaging app. No more confusion about the outstanding balance with your vendors or customers.

Start managing your packaging stock today!

Although one crate or pallet does not represent a lot of value, if the volume grows, the value will grow accordingly. Create your pallets and create and use the wizard to set up the items. Reorder packaging in time and never get out of stock.

Features and benefits

  • Create packaging and crates to monitor stock
  • Free to choose if you want to keep inventory records
  • Create order or item bound packaging
  • Clear balance overview with optional consolidation accounts
  • Easy packaging item setup with the Packaging Wizard


Aptean Packaging for Food & Beverage is free to use for the first 30 days. A paid subscription is required after the trial expires. Please contact us for more information on the pricing.

Supported Editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

Netherlands, France

Supported languages

Dutch (Netherlands), French (France)

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